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Victor Vasarely

Enter a world of shape and colour through the eyes of a visionary

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The Online Collection

From rare antiques to exquisite original works of classical and contemporary art, our online collection boasts some of the finest collectibles available at the click of a button at a fixed price. 

First Edition with exceptional card from the royal office of Her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi of Iran

Rare Fabergé 24 Kt Gold Imperial Eagle hand-engraved on crystal

Antique Jewellery

1-3rd century AD ancient roman glass ring with green glass beads

19th Century Persian illustrated Antique Quran portion. Illuminated manuscript with three Surah 

Curated Pieces

The Auction & Private  Collections


"Iran Modern" Maison Assouline 

Fabergé Imperial Romanov

Ancient Roman Glass Ring

Islamic Manuscript

How it works:


Click on "Request Information" under any curated piece for the price and purchasing details. 



We get back to you with further information and when you are ready we will send you a link to purchase online.



The piece is then sent to you with special tracked delivery anywhere in the world.


Featured Pieces

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Imperial Ancestral Portrait

by Xu Zan Yu - Hua Xe Stone

China, Second half of the 20th Century

This authentically sculpted portrait was hand-carved by Chinese artist Xu Zan Yu in collaboration with the Institute of Chinese Culture. The artwork is crafted in China in the precious Hua Xe stone, completely hand-painted and decorated with gilded accents. The portrait is placed on a beautiful black wooden backing as per tradition. 



Sasanian Empire Stone Intaglio

Ancient Roman Coin

Relic of Beata Chiara da Montefalco

Original Salvador Dali signed medallion. Colleector's piece 

.915 Silver. Spain, 1975

Salvador Dali Medallion

Ca. 4-6th Century Ancient Sasanian Stone Intaglio of a king in gold ring. From the Sasanian Empire

Antique gold Roman coin

Est. Ca. pre 47 BC

Extremely rare relic - Ca. 1735

with original signed document 

Vatican Collector's Piece


Solid Stone Genuine Statue of Osiris, the God of the Dead

Egypt, Late Egyptian dynastic period

Originally placed in the niche of the crypt to create the impression of an open naos. Osiris, was adopted throughout the entire land and worshipped in many temples during the later periods of ancient Egypt; it is therefore impossible to determine which sanctuary this statue came from.


Bottom Size:

Weight:  approx. 900. gram

Colour: please See photo.

Material:  Solid Stone

Condition: Excellent, Considering the age  with two unnoticeable cracks.



Egon Schiele (1890-1918) -

"Knabe in gestreiftem Hemd" 

Original Lithograph

"Boy in striped Shirt", 1910 

This is an original heliogravure/phototype from the 1940s, not a later reproduction or giclee print, which are far more common.

Part of a small edition printed in Vienna by the State Print Office of Austria (Staatsdruckerei Österreich) on high quality paper at the end of the 1940s / beginning of the 1950s. The print, which demonstrates Schiele's distinctive style, is very well preserved over 70 years since it was printed.


Ottoman Gold-Illuminated Quranic Calligraphy

Ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty Terracotta Sculpture

"Homage to Elizabeth Taylor" by Ronaldo Pellini

Ancient Chinese Qin Dynasty Bronze and Gold Lion Sculpture

Rare Ottoman Empire - Gold-Illuminated Antique Quran

Double-Sided Parchment

Islamic Manuscript

Ca. 7th-10th Century Terracotta Figure Of A Court Lady

206mm height

Original Signed art piece

Mixed Media on Canvas 

30 x 30 cm

Rare Imperial Lion Bronze & Inlaid Gold - Fudog Guardian -

Ca. 227-241 BC

Qin Shi Huang

Gifting Treasures

A holiday to remember.

This holiday season, MSTN Collection offers you some veritable treasures. Step away from the ordinary and give a gift worth cherishing forever. From a precious blown-glass ring from Ancient Rome to an amulet from Ancient Egypt, or from a signed limited-edition lithograph by the extravagant Salvador Dali to a ferocious bronze-gold lion from Qin Dynasty in China;  we have that special timeless piece to make that certain someone's eyes light up as they unwrap their gift.

concierge gift - bright.jpg

Selecting Perfection.

A beautifully curated collection of special pieces to collect including antiques, jewellery, ceramics and much more.

MSTN Collections strive to bring you the rarest and most special pieces. Our collections are regularly updated to bring you everything from rare antiques to vintage jewellery and contemporary art. We believe these beautiful objects help us travel back in time and tell us their stories. Each piece is rare and has its unique secrets to reveal and to treasure forever.


Antique Portrait on Porcelain with Copper Frame

Antique portrait painted on porcelain at centre of a large ornate copper wall disc.

Ca. 19th century, France

Madame de Pompadour

Powder Box

Stunning Antique Powder box from the Royal court of Versailles

Ca. 18th Century, France

Rare Kangxi Ceramic Cup from the

Vung Tau Shipwreck

Extremely Rare

Kangxi Ceramic Cup from the Vung Tau Shipwreck

Ca. 1690s, China


"We Love You... So Love Us Too"

Rare Vinyl Record Artwork By Banksy


United Kingdom 

The Collections 

You will soon be able to explore our collections in detail and discover unique pieces

that blur the barriers between time and space. We believe that each special piece allows us to experience moments, places and

essences of the context in which it is created and the stories it has to tell.


Antiques & Historic Pieces

From the Sasanian Empire to Ancient Rome


Contemporary Art & Misc.

From Salvador Dali to Banksy

Greco-Roman Antique 



Hand-crafted contemporary sculptures transforming and yet preserving ancient pieces


Jewellery & Timepieces

Rare and special pieces

Engagement Ring

Bringing Magic to Life

MSTN Collections brings its incredible curated collections online. 

After years of building renowned collections at the heart of London, UK and Sydney, Australia, MSTN Collections is finally bringing its collections to a global audience through this new web portal. The full website will be launching in January, 2021, so be sure to keep checking back to avoid missing our sought after treasures from all over the world. In the meantime, feel free to contact us about the featured pieces above and we shall be happy to provide further information and more images.


Your Guide to Art & Antiques

Our special curator guides take the hassle out of finding the right piece for you.

As incredible and diverse the world of art and antiques, it can often be daunting when starting to build a collection or when searching for something specific. Our guide service is here to understand your criteria and find you the right pieces to suit your needs. The perfect piece is now within reach. 

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